Exploring Common Epileptic Seizure Triggers

While you should not view triggers as causes of epileptic seizures, they can create a situation in which seizures are more likely for someone with epilepsy. The big problem is not every person with epilepsy has seizure triggers. Furthermore, seizure…Continue reading

Exploring Possible Treatments for Epilepsy

Unfortunately, there is not currently a cure for epilepsy. While epilepsy medication exists, it is not for curing the condition. The medication is for seizure prevention. Anti-seizure medications are common for someone with epilepsy, but there are other treatment options…Continue reading

Understanding Non-Epileptic Seizures

Non-epileptic seizures (NES) – also called non-epileptic attacks – is an uncomfortable topic. It is also a confusing condition as there are several different types of NES. If you – or someone you know – suffer from NES, it is…Continue reading